Submitted by optikey on Wed, 29/03/2017 - 11:36

VANNI believes that colour in an inexhaustible universe of light and splendour. A call back to life, an invitation to find your own original and personal style that says something about you. Colours by VANNI is a vibrant sun collection in acetate, that redefines a refined and classic style.

Raw Material
different coloured acetates glued together.

Design Detail
lines that never lose balance; a symbiosis between the block colour of the front of the frame and the two vertical lines on the lug, lines being very much part of fashion trends this year. Some models have a particular key hole bridge.

Shapes and Colours
shapes are balanced with either the classic rectangle or panthos. The colours define the collection: in a single colour with contrasting detail or different shades of the same colour. Variation of purple, but also in classic greys, browns and tortoiseshell. The delicate opaline pinks and vanillas highlight the translucent tones of the material. Sun lenses are graded and also mirrored, in matching shade with acetate of the frame.