Submitted by optikey on Fri, 31/03/2017 - 12:59

Pizza is not only the most loved and recognised Italian national dish, available and adapted all over the world in thousands of different variations. A simple and basic food and Italian ambassador, pizza has become an iconic symbol that represents Italy and an extraordinary metaphor for Italian (troppi Italians) know how. To make a good pizza you don’t only need excellent ingredients, you need expert hands that have worked dough for generations and are able to bake it to perfection in a wood fired oven. You need craftsmanship and the ability to produce a work of culinary art and an explosion of taste. VANNI, made in Italy for sure, shares the same story, made from a passionate and unrelenting research for quality. Our glasses are 100% Made in Italy, benefiting from the excellence and skill that represents our global reputation: design, style, the latest materials and sophisticated manufacturing processes. This is why we chose Naples, world pizza capital and the beating heart of Italy in the world, as the location for the new VANNI 2017 Spring Summer collections. We went into the sacred pizza shrines of the city, where the best pizza chefs of Italy guard their secrets and modelled our glasses. Then we took to the streets to capture the sights and smells of an incredible city.