Submitted by optikey on Wed, 29/03/2017 - 11:31

We at VANNI pride ourselves on being a brand on trend without losing touch with the world around us, continuing to build our own original style stimulated by a rich and contemporary culture. WIRED is the name we have given to the new acetate block created by our dedicated design team. A metaphor for the myriad of connections that make up our lives: entertwined coloured lines accentuated by the transparent crystal acetate. WIRED is testament to our complex bonds and networks; material and intangible, relationships between people and races.

Raw Material
exclusive acetate block created by the VANNI design team.

Design Detail
the original weaves of WIRED come in distinct coloured lines, sinuous and irregular that move from parallel to intertwined, immersed in a transparent acetate.

Shapes and Colours
there are 5 different colourways in the WIRED collection: bordeaux/grey, turquoise/purple, red/bordeaux, blue/brown and black/grey. The glasses show off their exclusive materials in a single block or in combinations of bright tortoiseshell or block colours which underline this very contemporary collection. Shapes are both masculine and feminine, the classic rectangle or slightly rounded or panthos. VANNI also presents the ultra-thin version of WIRED, with temples in flat metal or acetate.