Submitted by optikey on Fri, 03/03/2017 - 08:32

Once again this year, the Italian company’s institutional stand with industrial products was joined by an exhibition space set aside exclusively for EzFit solutions for stores

MEI – an Italian company that is acclaimed worldwide for having introduced milling technology in the ophthalmic lens shaping process – attended Mido with two stands again this year. MEI made an important, strategic decision to clearly segment its offerings from the start and to ensure that every machine was given the best visibility in context. “Our range of machinery continues to get bigger and a year ago we felt the need to differentiate our products by having two different stands, so that we could reach our target for every product”, commented Stefano Sonzogni, CEO and Technical Manager at MEI. “We were especially interested in introducing our compact EzFit solution to the retail sector, which is a revolutionary product for us: this is why it was given an entire stand in Pavilion 3”.

In the Lenses pavilion visitors had a first-hand view of the infinite advantages of the EzFit all-in-one edger that is designed to bring milling technology into small labs and stores. EzFit brings the same performance features as an industrial machine into labs and stores and is extremely easy to operate, offering high quality standards and maximum reliability. Speed, precision, processing flexibility and stability when shaping are only some of the benefits of milling processes, and because of these very features EzFit can increase productivity, speed up processing times and lower production costs. The Standard and Advanced versions of EzFit were on display, as was the more recent NoBlock, which performs error-free lens centering automatically without the use of a block.

MEI’s second stand in the Tech pavilion was as always the “company” space showcasing, along with other products for large-scale labs, the innovative DCU (Direct Calibration Unit) with computer. The DCU is a contactless measuring system that optically detects all the parameters needed to calibrate the instruments and optimize the axes of MEI machinery. Calibration, which is necessary when replacing tools in order to ensure the correct settings for each machine, is a long process that requires advanced technical skills as well as stopping the machine. The DCU makes this process automatic, fast and reliable, without having to block the machine for daily setting operations. In addition: the “EVO” version of the DCU, which made its debut at Mido, includes an integrated computer that makes the tool completely independent, further cutting down on operator time and speeding up the calibration process even more.

Also on display at the main stand, the Sphera3 with laser, a very high production shaper for sun and demo lenses and Sphera2plusXL with laser for cutting all kinds of sun lenses and shields, and the Mei641TBA “mid-range” solutions for small and medium-sized assembly labs.

Last but not least, the modular EzLine system for completely automated production lines and optimized workflows when two or more MEI machines are used. In particular, on display was a high performance industrial production line consisting of BispheraTBA, for high cutting volumes of prescription lenses, and 4RacerTBA, which combines the TBA (Throw the Block Away) inspection process and shaping system in a single unit.

Mido heads the list of leading international appointments that MEI attended and will be attending in 2017 to meet existing and future customers: the company was at SIOF in Shanghai (always in February) and will be exhibiting at VEE in New York (March), ABIÓPTICAL in San Paolo (May) and VEW in Las Vegas (September).