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Give me five! opti is getting an additional hall in 2018

opti is taking the next big step forward. In its next instalment at the Fairground Messe München, from the 12 - 14 January 2018, the exhibitors will present their new products in five halls, instead of in four. The Halls C1 to C4 are now joined by Hall B4. This way, visitors of the international trade show for optics & design in Munich can look forward to an even larger range of products.

It is a large step, and yet just a year of development: in January 2018, opti visitors will be able to inform themselves about the newest products in eyeglass frames, contact lenses, spectacle lenses, Low Vision, shop fittings, shop design, accessories, and machines in five halls. opti, taking place from the 12 - 14 of January 2018 at the Fairground Messe München, will remain the first trade show of the year with a complete overview of the entire optics spectrum. Already in January, trade visitors will find everything here that they need to know for the coming business year. This time on 45,000 square meters; 5,000 more than before, as part of Hall B4 will be used in addition to Halls C1 to C4.

Integration of the new Hall B4
This means that the hall allocations will be adapted, but opticians can continue to count on the clear structure and good orientation at opti. "The placement of the exhibitors within the halls and the division by product categories will large remain unchanged," explains opti project manager Bettina Reiter. "But to sensibly integrate Hall B4, the halls will be re-arranged." This means: Hall C1 will remain unchanged, the exhibitors previously in C4 will move to C2, and all other halls will move up one place. Very simple, but first in order:

Visitors will get to opti as usual, via the entrances North and North-West, where the car parks are. Visitors travelling by plane or arriving by underground can continue to use the shuttle services from the west entrance or the airport, which will take you straight to opti. Hall C1 will remain the way visitors know and appreciate it. Amongst other things, you will find the !HOT area here, which has become a real highlight with its independent labels. The opti-boxes with the most exciting new products and start-ups of the trade can also be found in Hall C1, as well as frames by licensed brands and booths from Safilo, Marchon, and Kering.

Fulfilling the wishes of exhibitors and visitors

In the next hall, Hall C2, you will find the exhibitors previously in Hall C4 with the latest trends and designs in the YES! area, and appearances from Luxottica, Marcolin, and Charmant. "Bringing the !HOT and the YES! areas closer together was a big wish for visitors and exhibitors, and we are excited to now be able to fulfil it", says project manager Reiter. In Hall C3, you will find those exhibitors previously in Hall C2: frames by licensed brands, shop fittings, as well as exhibitors from the marketing and sales sector. Contact lenses, spectacle lenses, instruments, and tools will be presented in Hall C4.

opti campus goes international
Hall B4 is a completely new addition. In the new allocation, it is "the consistent extension of the future C4," according to Reiter. Here you will find further exhibitors of spectacle lenses, including a joint booth by Novacel and Leica, where they are presenting their co-operation at opti, as well as machine manufacturers and exhibitors from the supply industry. "Through the extension, it is finally possible to integrate this exciting area and offer trade visitors a further highlight in Munich. In 2018, we will experience the most complete opti so far," rejoices Bettina Reiter. Also in Hall B4, you will find the international pavilions (including from France, China, Japan, and Korea) as well as the new knowledge-transfer area. Here trade visitors can find the opti forum, with lectures from international top speakers, the opti campus, which will be expanded by international universities in 2018, and the new "Future Shop," which visualises the OPTIC 4.0 area with all information to the digitalisation in optometry.

Foundation for the further development of opti
With the current new hall assignments, GHM is already laying the foundations for the further development of opti for 2019 and beyond. Two new halls, C5 and C6, are currently being built at the Fairground Munich and are scheduled to be completed in the autumn of 2018. In the beginning of 2019, opti will also move into those new halls, but until then it's: Give me five!